The craftsman’s tool

Produce in less time

MasonART is the Windows™ solution for designing and producing stencils for sand-blasting marble, stone, glass and wood. Produce quickly and efficiently, so you can use your precious time to express your creativity without losing the impression of traditional craftsmanship.

A complete toolkit for the stonemason in order to easily create valuable monumental signs. MasonART Memorial Mason Software helps you to turn your creative ideas into a professional end result. The unique flexible design and production tools are both innovative and easy to use.

The revolutionary features of MasonART enable you to create eye-catching designs and refine pre-existing work. The professional plot menu makes cutting of stencils a simple operation. The quality of your future work will please you and impress your customers as well.

MasonART Designer

A complete toolkit for the funeral director in order to easily create valuable monumental signs. Help the relatives to create a honourable memorial. With the MasonART Designer license you can design all your headstones. This license does not contain any production features.


  • Enhanced word processing
  • Advanced direct scanning
  • Interactive vectorization
  • Intelligent weeding features
  • Full-colour presentations
  • PostScript and True Type fonts
  • Superb editing tools
  • Weld and cut-out
  • Panelling
  • Dimensioning
  • Multi-step undo and redo
  • Fit to circle, perspective, or distortions
  • 2D en 3D shadows
  • Online manual
  • Supports vinyl cutting
  • Background plotting
  • Wide range of import- en export filters
  • Plot vector sorting for speed and minimum material movement

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MasonART is sold through value added dealers which speak your language and are located in a region near you. Please use the form below to provide us with your personal details. We will pass this information to a dealer in your region who will contact you giving you the advice you need and if desired provide you with training, media, and hardware equipment.

About us

MasonART has its base in the Netherlands since 1991 and has grown together with its resellers to become a reliable software house for thousands of stonemasons and funeral directors worldwide. It is our goal to know your workflow and act on this with the design of our software. By providing professional and easy to use software solutions we offer a solid base which ensures you to be profitable and maintain so.